Halloween trivia

Halloween Trivia And More

Published On 30/10/2019
Halloween Trivia And More It’s here, it’s finally here. Halloween is just a day away and we want you to squeeze the most out of the Curious World Halloween collection. It is only once a year after all…
halloween activities for kids

Great Halloween Activities For Kids

Great Halloween Activities For Kids It’s almost Halloween and we’re gone full spooky in the Curious World app.
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Five must-watch food series for hands-on learning

Every week has seven days in it; but did you know that this week has three days dedicated to food? Here's a hand-on learning blog dedicated to National Cake Decorating Day, National Pasta Day and National Cupcake Day!
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Memory Training blog

Amazing Memory Training Techniques

Amazing Memory Training Techniques It’s National Train Your Brain Week.
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Monkey Animal Trivia

Five pieces of Animal Trivia

Animal TriviaCocoland arrives in Curious World this Friday and we’re just so excited that we can’t hide it.
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Family Entertainment blog image

Fun Family Entertainment for National Family Day

This Thursday is National Family Day so we suggest helping your little one read through this blog with you!
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Cartoon snake

The Hidden Benefits Of Snake

We are counting down to the days until Friday because we all know what that means…brand new fun and educational games and videos will be added to the Curious World app.
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