By Greg Johnson on November 19th, 2019
kids education

It’s National Television Day this week which means it’s a great time for us to discuss some good methods to make sure TV time isn’t mindless drooling but a real kids education time. Here are five ways to ensure that TV time is keeping your little one engaged and learning. 

Find kids education based content that is also engaging

Children and screens go together like bread and butter these days. With all the screens they have to use, it’s important to make sure they are not only watching toddler shows that have minimal benefit to their education or progression. Finding educational shows for kids that are also engaging means your little one will keep watching and learning. And, you don't even need to do any of the hard work! At Curious World, educational experts review every single show for both learning quality and fun factor. Sign up here for 20% off your first year (discount applied at checkout). 

Interact with your child while they watch TV

When your child is watching a show, educational or not, it is beneficial to interact with them. Ask them what is happening in the show, who is each character? How did they resolve an issue? Why are they acting the way they are? By asking these questions, you are pushing your child to think and explain what they are seeing in their own words. This will benefit their problem-solving abilities, use of vocabulary, logical understanding and even presentation skills. 

Play games based around the show they are watching

If they are watching toddler shows about fairies or something make-believe, work out how to make a game out of what they are watching. Ask your little one if they want to pretend to be a character from the show, or even write about their favorite character. These offline activities that connect to the online content means they will stay active physically and mentally. This method will ensure even the least educational series can be turned into a learning opportunity. 

Schedule offline activities that interest them

TV time is a privilege, not a norm. It is important that children understand this and know that there should always be a balance. Many children are desperate for TV time, willing to do whatever they have to in order to watch their favorite shows. This is a great opportunity to use it as a reward for doing more offline activities such as making their beds, homework, arts and crafts or reading time. One hour of offline time means thirty minutes of TV time is a good place to start. This method also helps teach them about structure.

Find a source that is tailored to children’s education

It’s no secret that many TV channels, apps, and websites will often have inappropriate adverts that you’d want to keep your child’s eyes away from, but that is the sacrifice of using free sources. If it’s not adverts it’s the quality of content... how can you be sure that this has been approved for children? Luckily there are other options, and less expensive than you might imagine. Curious World’s content has been approved by teachers and parents alike. It’s a carefully chosen blend of education, creative and entertainment-based shows, games and books that you can hand over to your child with complete peace of mind.

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