Cartoon snake

The Hidden Benefits Of Snake

Published On 17/09/2019
We are counting down to the days until Friday because we all know what that means…brand new fun and educational games and videos will be added to the Curious World app.
Creative drawing: girl drawing

Doodleboo and the Benefits of Creative Drawing

We are so happy to have Doodleboo as part of the Curious World family because he helps show children new and exciting
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The importance of playing alongside your child

When a child is playing on a smartphone or a tablet, many parents might wonder how they can involve themselves in what their child is doing.
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Playing the Curious World Memory game

The Importance of Playing Memory Games

As kids grow up and head towards school age, the importance of learning through playing increases.
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A Blobfish shows off its lack of skeleton.

Five facts about fish from the five new I'm A Fish episodes

There are millions of fish in the sea. Some we know lots about, some we know very little about. There are even species of fish that we have yet to discover! And this curiosity is why you guys love I’m A Fish so much.
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Why Kids' Music Is No Small Potatoes

Big news, Curious World family!
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Preschool snack ideas - Watermelon stars

6 Fun Summer Snack Ideas

With summer here and your kids spending so much time outside, you definitely don't want to be stuck alone inside a warm kitchen. But here's the thing - your kids want more snacks than ever!
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