How To Raise Smart Kids - Boy playing

Your toddler's car obsession is making them smarter

Published On 19/06/2019
When I was a teenager, I used to babysit a 2 year old who absolutely loved red vehicles. Wherever he went, he would point excitedly at any red bus, motorcycle or car. Toy planes and trucks had to be red.
Imaginative Play - Girl playing with toys

Imaginative Play: Why It's Important And How To Encourage It

I'm sure you will have heard of the importance of play in early childhood, and have the house decor to prove it: toys, d
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What Is Coding for Kids - Little boy plays with robot

Teaching Kids Coding: Why and How?

If you’re teaching or raising children in today’s world, you will doubtless have heard that learning to code will be crucial to their future. Despite all the buzz, this idea can seem overwhelming to any parent.
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A note about privacy on Curious World

Dear Parent,You may have read about our use of third party analytics tools in a recent news article.
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Child Coloring

Share Your Art!

To celebrate the launch of our new game Color-Tales, we're organizing a coloring competition!
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Responsibility for kids - girl holding kitten

Responsibility For Kids: The Benefits Of Pets For Teaching Accountability

Adopting a pet is a big new responsibility for kids. To celebrate National Pets Day, find out about the benefits of pets and the skills they bring.
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Problem solving kids - child plays with lego

Exploring Problem Solving With Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic

Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic is one of my favorite problem solving kids shows. Read on for top episode recommendations!
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