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Content for 5-year-olds

Lily Won't Sleep

Game Changer: Drop!

Super Simple Songs: BINGO

Treasure Hunt (Rhyming pairs)

They Might Be Giants: Electric Car

A Rhino Named Paul: Teeth Buddies

A Rhino Named Paul: Clean Yer Mitts

Robot Reader

Kiwi: The Exhibition

Dipdap: Tent

Super Simple Songs: The Hokey Pokey Shake

Super Switch-Up

They Might Be Giants: Solid Liquid Gas

Curious George: Dinosaur Discovery

Curious George Plants a Tree

Superpower Heroes! RoboRocket

Where Is Curious George? Around the Town

Super Simple Songs: I See Something Blue

Curious George Goes to a Hospital

Curious George's Paintbox

Color a Dinosaur

Zoobabu: Kangaroo

Zoobabu: Butterfly

Mighty Machines: Dump Trucks

Curious George Makes Pancakes

Super Simple Songs: Old McDonald Had a Farm

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Growing Bird Feeder

They Might Be Giants: Nine Pirate Girls

Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon

Superpower Heroes! The Blocker

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Nosey Detective

Deep Sea Builder

Pirates Ahoy!

Zoobabu: Turtle

Curiosityville: Smart Art

Curious George: Birthday Surprise

Curious George: Supermarket Mix Up

StoryBots: Stegosaurus

Can You Imagine That! Scientist

Zoobabu: Elephant

Moonlight Storytime: Insect Minstrels

Curious George Saves His Pennies

Melia & Jo: Whirligigs

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Abandoned Home

Olly the Little White Van: Turbo Bertie

Super Shape Arcade

Superpower Heroes! E-Laser

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Hanging Food Catcher

Kit ^n^ Kate: The Treasure of Parrot Point

Coral Reef Explorer

Let's Go To Work: Dancer

Cut-Out Cars

Superpower Heroes! Rainbow Friendship Girl

Make a Pizza

Curious George and the Puppies

Get Crafty: Dinosaur Hat

Get Crafty: Bubble Paint Art

Superpower Heroes! Dinora

Curious George's First Words at the Aquarium

Zoobabu: Panda

Robot Rescue

Curious George: Bird Brain

Food Trucks!

Dipdap: Robot


Arthur's Story Maker: Heroes

Moonlight Storytime: The Empty Treasure Chest

Water Ride Puzzle

Splash Pop

Get Crafty: Hugs You Can Send

Get Crafty: Wind Chimes

Olly the Little White Van: The Wonderful Washer

Super Simple Songs: If You're Happy

Melia & Jo: Water Park

Get Crafty: Paper Watches

Kit ^n^ Kate: Me Oh My Blueberry Pie

Best Sports Ever: Wheelchair Basketball

Dipdap: Letter

Sweet Dreams, Curious George

Super Simple Songs: Jingle Bells

Get Crafty: Paper Plate Bag

Zoobabu: Gorilla

Jingle Bilingual: Boots! ¡Botas!

Melia & Jo: Big Band

Jingle Snack! ¡Jingle Merienda!

Let's Go To Work: Ice Cream Maker

Zoobabu: Crocodile

Curious George Visits the Library

Curious George: Snack-tastic Treats!

Moonlight Storytime: Princess Poke's Chariot

Curious George: Matching Letters

Space Maze

Kit ^n^ Kate: Baking Buddies

Let's Go To Work: Furniture Maker

Vehicle Shape Surprise

Jingle Bilingual: Guacamole!

StoryBots: Feelin' Sad and Blue

Superpower Heroes! Sparko

Curiosityville: Masterpiece Maker

Curious George and the Pizza Party

Curiosityville: Sketch Artist

Curious George: Undersea Explorer

They Might Be Giants: How Many Planets?

Super Simple Songs: Walking in the Jungle

Can You Imagine That! Marine Biologist

Curious George: Super Storybook Adventure

Mac, Izzy & Friends: Puzzle

StoryBots: Velociraptor

Super Simple Songs: The Wheels on the Bus

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Crying Tree

Zoobabu: Lion

Kiwi: Delicious Cake

Curious George: Find the Dinosaurs

Dipdap: Scary Thing

Can You Imagine That! Singer

Arthur's Story Maker: Pirates

Through the Woods: Rider the Spider

Curious George at the Parade

Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise

Moonlight Storytime: The Best Friend Festival

Get Crafty: Pencil Holder

StoryBots: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Let's Go To Work: Construction Worker

Jingle Bilingual: Shapes! ¡Formas!

Curious George: Magic Seeds

Zoobabu: Parrot

Curious George: Animal Match

Can You Imagine That! Comic Book Artist

Jingle Bilingual: Snow! Nieve!

Rainforest Explorer

Curious George Says Thank You

StoryBots: Happy, Happy, Happy

Olly the Little White Van: Catch Me If You Can

Zoobabu: Camel

Dipdap: Cute Thing

Curious George: Pancake Chef

Dipdap: Wrong Noises

Curious George and the Dump Truck

Zoobabu: Peacock

Zoobabu: Koala

Treehouse Builder

Through the Woods: Berries and Bramblers

Louie: Draw Me a Dinosaur

Melia & Jo: Race Car

Kit ^n^ Kate: The Catelephant

Melia & Jo: Sun Catcher

Curious George's Big Book of Curiosity

Curiosityville: Build-a-Body

Fall Leaves

Tacky Goes to Camp

Arthur's Story Maker: Knights

Kiwi: The Little Robot

Olly the Little White Van: The Bumpton Cup

Moonlight Storytime: A Wooly Dragon

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Purple Fingertips

Superpower Heroes! Lightnizer

Moonlight Storytime: The Great Pyramid Reef

Curiosityville: Curiosityland

Superpower Heroes! Zip Ship

Through the Woods: Roly Poly Rider

Jingle Bilingual: Ride! ¡Pasear!

Curiosityville: Bottle Caps

Through the Woods: Fairies & Fireflies

They Might Be Giants: Apartment Four

Zoobabu: Rhinoceros

Arthur's Story Maker: Dinosaurs

Game Changer: Squirt!

Zoobabu: Chick

Curious George: Soccer Mini-Golf

Dipdap: Dig

Olly the Little White Van: A Giant Leap for Vankind

Curiosityville: Microscope

Olly the Little White Van: Zoo Hill

Kiwi: The Pirate's Treasure

Let's Go To Work: Pizza Maker

Let's Go To Work: Neon Sign Maker

Track Repair

Zoobabu: Owl

StoryBots: I'm Scared

Jingle Bilingual: Flying! ¡Volando!

Moonlight Storytime: Acorn Buccaneers

Cut-Out Bugs

Superpower Heroes! Flora Fairy

Cut-Out Dinos

Curious George: Dinosaur Photo Booth

Face It!

They Might Be Giants: Seven

Olly the Little White Van: Shady Lane

Zoobabu: Jellyfish

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Quiet Diggers

Dipdap: Headphones

Jingle Bilingual: Colors! ¡Colores!

Curious George in the Big City

Let's Go To Work: Firefighter

Through the Woods: Squirrel Treasure

Dipdap: Boat

Kit ^n^ Kate: Don't Be Shellfish

Jingle Bilingual: Move! ¡Muevete!

Milo and the Monster

Olly the Little White Van: The Grand Unveiling

Curious George: Animal Dance Party

Melia & Jo: Marshmallow Castle

Game Changer: Zoom!

Kit ^n^ Kate: The Big Bouquet

Through the Woods: A Snowy Morning

Curious George: Animal Bedtime

Curious George Visits the Dentist

StoryBots: When I'm Silly

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Case of the Spotted Jelly

Dipdap: Mess

Musical Milo

Curious George Goes to a Bookstore

Curious George in the Snow

A Rhino Named Paul: Boo Boo Pride

Curious George's Dream

Zoobabu: Giraffe

Can You Imagine That! Robot Inventor

Curious George: Create a Pet

StoryBots: We Are the Planets

ABC Trace!

YOUniverse: Meteoroid Marbles

Curious George's Neighborhood

Zoobabu: Zebra

Best Sports Ever: Snowboarding

Curious George and the Birthday Surprise

Save the Princess

A Rhino Named Paul: Everybody Sleeps

Dipdap: Sad Thing

A Rhino Named Paul: Food is Fuel

abc Trace!

Zoobabu: Chameleon

Kit ^n^ Kate: Hoe-Down Slow Down

Dipdap: Weather

Let's Go To Work: Toymaker

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Sideways Walker

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Crunchy Carpet

Mighty Machines: Fire Trucks

Superpower Heroes! The Speeder

Dipdap: Umbrella

Louie: Draw Me a Fire Engine

Zoobabu: Penguin

Yucky Soup

Through the Woods: Froggy Day

Curious George at the Aquarium

Animal Cards

Through the Woods: Rider and the Woodpecker

Get Crafty: Yarn Animals

Zoobabu: Octopus

Curious George: Planet Quest

Curious George Goes to the Beach

Dipdap: Chicken

Game Changer: Splash!

Talkin' Guitar: The Story of Young Doc Watson

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Giant Fruit

Fishing with George

Moo Cat!

Get Crafty: Stick Shakers

Louie: Draw Me a Dolphin

Zoobabu: Frog

Let's Go To Work: Garbageman

Dipdap: Guests

Tube Trouble

Olly the Little White Van: Back to School

Curious George and the Firefighters

Curious George Goes Camping

Space Shape Surprise

Get Crafty: Paper Bag City

Best Sports Ever: Rhythmic Gymnastics

Zoobabu: Caterpillar

Bubble Boing

Dipdap: Plant

Magic Mix Up

Super Simple Songs: Walking Walking

Curiosityville: Build-a-Roo

Kit ^n^ Kate: The Wishing Stars

Curiosityville: Checkers

Super Sports Star!

Curious George Goes to the Zoo

Get Crafty: Snow Globe

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Buried Treasure

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Pebble Eater

Dipdap: Sculpture

A Rhino Named Paul: Exerciser

StoryBots: Apatosaurus

Jingle Bilingual: Sun! ¡Sol!

Olly the Little White Van: Best in Show

Superpower Heroes! The Controller

Curious George: Banana Jump

Skyscraper Builder

Dipdap: Socks

UMIGO: Geometrics

Zoobabu: Flamingo

StoryBots: Triceratops

123 Trace!

Kiwi: The Snowman

Superpower Heroes! Shimmer

Curious George: Truck It!

Let's Go To Work: Cake Maker

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Case of the Stinky Trail

Dipdap: Baby

Let's Go to Work: Zookeeper

Zoobabu: Hippopotamus

Get Crafty: Click Clacks

Curious George Feeds the Animals

Let's Go To Work: Hockey Goalie

Super Simple Songs: Mystery Box 1

Kiwi: The Incredible Discovery

Scout & The Gumboot Kids: The Fish That's Not a Fish

Curious George Goes to a Movie

Curious George: Traffic Jamboree

Can You Imagine That! Dancer

Zoobabu: Sloth

Curious George at the Baseball Game

Dipdap: Comics

Arthur's Story Maker: Space

Curious George's First Day of School

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