Our guide to a crafty Halloween for kids

Published On 16/10/2018
Are you looking for ideas for Halloween activities, decorations and costumes for kids? Well look no further! Take a look at our step by step guide packed full of crafts and activities to make this Halloween like no other.
Curious World Gender Stereotypes

How we’re helping to break down gender stereotypes

As an app that provides videos, games and books for kids, we appreciate we have a huge responsibility. Here's how we're helping to break down old fashioned gender stereotypes.
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Top tips for raising bilingual children

Babies and toddlers that are learning more than one language as they develop, are likely to face completely different challenges to other children their age. We’ve listed out some common things you might notice and some tips to help kids along their way.
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kids understand all families are different

Helping kids understand every family is different

When kids come into contact with other children, they’ll begin to see that other people’s families aren’t like theirs. Here are our top tips for helping explain to kids that every family is different in a way they’ll be able to digest.
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5 skills kids learn preschool

5 social skills kids are learning at preschool

When kids start preschool or Kindergarten for the first time, they're learning lots of new social skills. Read our blog to see 5 skills your child is learning.
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Why kids ask many questions

Why do kids ask so many questions?

According to a recent study, our children ask around 73 questions each day. In this blog we look at what is going on in our children's minds that makes them so curious.
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Sara Welcomes Baby Sadie

How do people make it through life without a sister? -- Sara Corpening Whiteford
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