educational shows for kids

Entertaining games and educational shows for kids during quiet time

Published On 18/12/2019
With only a week until Christmas, it’s starting to become a little crazy around the house. The last thing you need is the little elves running around and shouting the house down.

Active and creative hobbies to start in 2020

Active and creative hobbies to start in 2020 It’s a new year...a new decade! What a year it’s been, with so much happening in all of our lives. New families, friends, schools. What was the highlight of your 2019?
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activities for kids at home

Christmas activities for kids at home this season

With just over two weeks until Christmas Day, why not get creative with your decorations? It’s time to make those fun snowflakes and some new Christmas tree decorations.
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Curious World Advent

Curious World's Countdown to Christmas

After Thanksgiving comes Christmas. And it’s so close that we can almost see Santa sliding down the chimney. To say we are excited at Curious World is an understatement.
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