We know you guys love to learn about fish and Curious World has five new I'm A Fish episodes ready to watch. Here are some facts about the featured fish.
By Emma Wynne on August 16th, 2019
A Blobfish shows off its lack of skeleton.

There are millions of fish in the sea. Some we know lots about, some we know very little about. There are even species of fish that we have yet to discover! And this curiosity is why you guys love I’m A Fish so much.

So far, you’ve learned how the Sawfish digs for food, how the Seahorse dances underwater, and just why the Boxfish is shaped, well, like a box. And now you can learn about five more critters from under the sea. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite facts from the latest videos:

How do you think Cookie Cutter Sharks get their names? No, it’s not because they love cookies. It’s because they love to take bites out of other sea creatures - just like a cookie cutter takes chunks out of cookie dough.

A Cookie Cutter Shark takes a bit of another sea creature

Why do Blobfish wobble? Well, they don’t have much in the way of flesh or a skeleton - and their skin is like jelly. Wibble-wobble!

A Blobfish shows off its lack of skeleton

Killer Whales travel in pods - and each pod has their own special call. It makes it way easier to recognise each other. And you thought your family is loud…

A pod of Whales talking to each other

Clownfish were made famous by a certain Disney film. But I bet you didn’t know they have a different name? Nemo! No, wait, anemonefish. That’s it. Watch the video to find out why…

A Clownfish says hello

These guys don’t live on the shoulders of pirates! No, Parrotfish can be found in coral reefs all over the world where they help maintain the ecosystems they live in...

A Parrotfish takes a bite out of some coral

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