By Greg Johnson on September 17th, 2019
Cartoon snake

We are counting down to the days until Friday because we all know what that means…brand new fun and educational games and videos will be added to the Curious World app. New might not be the right word to use this week however, as our latest game Snake is actually a classic from 1997...

There is no doubt that if you had a Nokia phone around this time, you probably consider yourself a professional at Snake. Now, your children have the opportunity to experience this game for the first time, with all its frustrations and satisfyingly long achievements still intact!  

The Benefits

Did you know that Snake has some more practical/educational uses than just a way to fill time? 

  • Snake is a classic game that requires players to assess their surroundings and find the quickest or safest route to a point. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about spatial awareness and plan ahead to your next move.

  • The classic game is infamous for using your own success against you when you become so long that you get in your own way. Whilst many games and activities can teach your child about vital life skills, there are not many that would educate on long term strategic planning.

  • As many parents will know, it can be extremely frustrating to reach such a high level and then lose as you crash into your own tail. The game requires patience in order to grow and a cool head once you inevitably lose. These are all valuable skills to learn early on in a child’s life that will benefit them in later years.

  • Snake is a tool that can be used as an educational helping hand. One of the important parts of learning is that you will never get something right the first time. Snake teaches children that practice makes perfect when it comes to learning new skills. 


Snake Factssssss

And snakes themselves are fascinating creatures! We’ve compiled some of our favorite snake facts:

  • Did you know that snakes can go a whole year without eating anything?

  • It might look like a snake's head is mostly nose, however, they actually use their tongue to smell.

  • You can tell if a snake is male or female by the length of the end of their tail. If it is longer and thinner at the end it’s a boy, if its end is wider and more semicircular it’s a girl.

  • Snakes can be very lazy and usually only move if they are hungry, so they are always cold. Always hiding away from the sun means they need to move into the sun to warm up to find food. 

So what are you waiting for? Slither into the Curious World app this Friday and find out how your little one can build vital skills with this after school learning activity. And, of course, get working on your high score…

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