By Emma Wynne on August 29th, 2019

When a child is playing on a smartphone or a tablet, many parents might wonder how they can involve themselves in what their child is doing. Whether they are watching a video or playing a game, parents involving themselves in what their child is doing can be hugely important. 

Parents should be encouraged to sit alongside their children as they interact with tablets and smartphones and at Curious World, we want to encourage this as much as possible. Whether that’s through arts and crafts or through some of the games we have selected. 

In Curious World from today, you can take on Hubert or each other in a classic game of Dots and Boxes. It’s an absolute pen-and-paper classic; connect the dots and fill in the squares. The person with the most squares at the end wins. 

Playing alongside each other allows greater interaction between parent and child. This is important as it allows parents and children to collaborate and question each other on decisions. If one makes a decision to make a particular move, the other can interrogate each other as to why that move happened and why they did it. 

It also allows for further quality time together. It’s often easy to see smartphone and tablet play as something done alone but taking advantage of multiplayer games allows parents to turn technology time into quality time spent together.

Dots and Boxes is available in Curious World from today. Find it in the games section. 

Dots and Boxes



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