By Greg Johnson on September 24th, 2019
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This Thursday is National Family Day so we suggest helping your little one read through this blog with you! We at Curious World believe that family is one of the most important things so we decided to think up some fun family entertainment and games you can play indoors for the day. 

Just like on Planet Cosmo, family is always there for each other. Whether that’s helping your granny by walking the dog to a different planet or flying a kite with your dad on Neptune, family is always there. 

Planet Cosmo is one of our favorite Curious World families. They are always off on fun-filled family adventures across the galaxy, visiting every planet you can think of. Watching an episode will give you loads of ideas for family entertainment you can play indoors on National Family Day. But we’ve also come up with some ideas of our own...

Family Entertainment Ideas

Pay a visit to your grandparents? While your grandparents might not have a space dog, or live on a space station like Planet Cosmo, we bet they will have some amazing stories to tell you. Why not ask them about what they used to do for fun when they were your age, or make them a special gift like a Send A Hug. There’s a how-to in the Curious World app arts and crafts area!

Ever noticed how busy your mom and dad are? They do so much for your family that they barely get a chance to sit down! Whether it’s helping get you ready for school, cooking dinner, heading off to work or cleaning the house and your messy bedroom. Why don’t you help them out this Thursday? You could clean your room, play indoors, help cook dinner, make sure you’re ready for school nice and early and tell them how much you love them when you see them after school! Any time they’re not busy means more time for family entertainment.

In Planet Cosmo, Cosmo’s Dad always tells her she can do anything - and it’s true! Why don’t you try it with your family when they are having a bad day or feeling sad? Let’s make sure they know how amazing they are by helping them, encouraging them and making them smile. 

Family entertainment blog image

Let’s not forget Aunties, Uncles and cousins...they are all part of the family and even if they live very far away or right next door we bet they always hope you’re happy. You should make sure they’re happy too by including them in some of your family activities. You could play some great indoor games and Curious World family entertainment like Song Switcheroo or even have a Straw Dance Party with them.

One other great thing about family is learning together. Log into the Curious World app this Thursday and play some of the great interactive games, rainy day games, educational content and school games like kids videos and reading books with someone in your family, even your yucky brother or sister. 

Did we get your creative juices flowing? Here are more rainy day ideas and games in case you run out. 

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Happy National Family Day from all of us at Curious World!


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