By Rachel Hardy on December 13th, 2018
Memory games for kids

When kids get to school age, having a good memory will really make a difference to their learning. Here are some of our favorite memory games you can play wherever you are.

Our favorite 4 memory games for children:

1. What's missing?!

This game is super simple, plus you don’t need any equipment other than a tray and some objects from around the house. To play, put some items on a tray and get kids to study them for a minute or so. Now hide the tray so they can’t see it and take one item away. When you put the tray back in front of them, they need to tell you which item has disappeared. In fact – why not give this a seasonal twist and use some Christmas decorations or pinecones. This simple (but actually quite fun) game helps to develop visual memory – an important skill for learning to read and spell.

2. Matching pairs

Curious World matching pairs memory game

Take a pack of standard playing cards and remove cards 6-10 from the pack. Lay the rest of the pack face down on the floor and turn two over. If they don’t match, then turn them back and choose a different pair of cards. If you turn over two cards that match, you get to keep them and have another go. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins! The key to winning at this game is remembering where each card is, so it requires lots of concentration for kids and makes a great game for improving memory skills too. To play this game on the go, take a look at ‘Curiosityville Bottletops’ available on the Curious World app. 

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3. I went to the store and I bought...

Repetition is key to helping kids learn, so this game is a great way to help them improve their memory. Start with the sentence ‘I went to the store and I bought…’ then add an item to the list. Now move onto the next player, who repeats what you bought and adds their own item too. Continue this and as the list builds up, kids will have to remember lots of information in order, so they don’t miss any out.

This game can be adapted to lots of different scenarios. Why not try “I packed my suitcase and put in my… swimming shorts” in the summer. Or, “Santa’s sack was full of presents like… a teddy” for a seasonal twist!

4. Spot the difference

Spot the difference memory game

Spot the difference books and games are a great way for kids to build up memory skills – and they can play these on their own, so it doesn’t matter if you’re not around. Why not try ‘Magic Mix up’ on the Curious World app for a digital version of spot the difference.

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