By Greg Johnson on February 19th, 2020
Education through music

Education through music is our newest focus with the all-new and exclusive Making Music Collection. With three games so far, our collection gives early learners the chance to find out what their favorite instrument could soon be, as well as how to play them and manage more than one at once. It’s not all what it seems though - the benefits of music education can be endless as you will read about with all three of our unique games. 


Guitar Time

guitar time

In the plucky game Guitar Time, your little one can learn about guitar chords and how to adjust the position on each string to affect the sound. Learning about chords is not only a brilliant musical skill, but can also be used in other areas of life. It teaches children about experimentation - a slight change in how they address a situation can yield a new outcome to what they might have known before. 

Music Playtime

music playtime

With an orchestra full of instruments in Music Playtime, your future Beethoven will be able to learn the sounds each of them make. It may sound strange, but Music Playtime is an ideal way to learn about organization. This is because your child will need to control which instruments should be playing and which should be silent, in order to create the sound they desire. Managing when instruments are playing, and if any should be replaced to adjust the overall sounds of their orchestra, requires control. Your child may become a little frustrated at first, but nothing will beat the satisfaction of finally creating the perfect sound with their instruments.

Piano Time

piano playtime

Piano Time allows kids to play all the keys of the piano in any way they like. This doesn’t mean they should be playing anything too advanced yet, but it gives them the creative license to try and make their own songs. Cooped up on a rainy day with a lot of creative energy to let out? Piano Time is the perfect answer.


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