By Greg Johnson on January 20th, 2020
Badly Behaved

Some children can be unruly and badly behaved. A troublemaker like this has to be taught that being badly behaved is no way to act. So here’s ten different methods of teaching good behavior. 

10 ways to teach a badly behaved child 

The naughty step

Naughty Step

Give them time on the naughty step. This is an effective method as it gives the child time alone to think and reflect on why they are there. Did they scream at dinner or pull their sister’s hair? What else will they do on the naughty step other than think about these things? Self-reflection is a skill not many adults possess in vast quantities and it’s an underrated skill, to say the least. 


No desert

no sweets

Sugar, sugar and more sugar. What else do children think about? If they have been badly behaved, refusing them their favorite treat is a sure-fire way to shock them. This technique, however, is a great way to teach them a couple of things. Firstly (and most importantly) who is in charge! Secondly, good behavior is rewarded, and bad is punished so maybe they will think again before stirring up trouble. 




A child’s imagination is not benefitted hugely by watching TV. Television shows for children are examples of other people’s imaginations bought to life. And while this may inspire your child, it does not always allow them to use their imagination independently of influence. Taking the TV away means they will have no option but to use their minds and books for entertainment. An even better activity to assist them is to give them the task of “make your own tv show character” or ask them to write about their dreams and then draw. 


Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

This doesn’t have to be an act of discipline as it is an important life lesson for them. Kids like to make the mess not clean it up, so why not put them in your shoes for once? Give them a brush and some soap and show them that manual tasks such as this are not fun but necessary. See if they can get their bedrooms nice and tidy, afterall a clean home is a clean mind! Washing dishes can also be seen as a peaceful slow and calm task that will lower their levels of energy; a good thing before bed. 


Appoint a Sheriff


This may sound strange but if you have more than one child and one is disruptive and troublesome, then use a school technique. Appoint them to be the one responsible for making sure everyone else behaves. This method gives a child who might be bored, a troublemaker, or easily distracted a task to focus their time and energy on. They will soon forget that they were the problem badly-behaved one and will instead take their job seriously and keep an eye on everyone. Plus how better to keep order than leading by example? They will be the angel child and show their siblings how it’s done.


The Lecture

The Lecture

No one likes a lecture! Least of all a child that knows they have done wrong. Sometimes it is necessary however to sit them down and tell them that what they did was wrong. This can be especially relevant when they have acted out differently to how they usually might. A situation that they have not caused before will require an explanation as to the consequences of their actions. A couple of great examples are:
- Saying mean things to someone
- Telling a lie
- Acting out aggressively against an authority figure. 




There are a couple of methods for helping children understand what they did wrong, one effective method is putting them in someone else’s shoes. Say they stole food from a classmate, why not show them how it feels when someone was to steal food from them. This method puts their actions into perspective and allows them to feel the emotions of the person they upset. Understanding other’s feelings is an extremely valuable asset for any child as it is the first step to truly showing genuine compassion. 


No Curious World

Curious World

We’re just kidding! Any form of education on a platform a child enjoys should be encouraged regardless of their behavior. Technology and children go together like Bert and Ernie. If you have an online educational platform, a child is much more likely to engage compared with the traditional pencil and paper method. 


Early Bedtime


Children will always be active, always curious, and always excited to experience new things. This should be a reward for good behavior and being refused the opportunity to try new things and enjoy themselves is a punishment.
Going to sleep early means they know that because they were badly behaved they can’t enjoy a full day. What could be worse for a curious mind than being bored and stuck in their room. 


No Friends

No Friends

It’s one of the harsher actions on this list however it is effective. If they have been badly behaved at school and have a playdate with one of their friends on the weekend, canceling the plans with their friends will undoubtedly get their attention. 


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