By Greg Johnson on May 28th, 2020
Sleepy Time Blog

Sleepy time sometimes seems like the worst time for little children. Being told they cannot continue to play and run around can make them feel like they are being punished, but is important for building their understanding of routine. That is why the process of getting ready for sleepy time is so crucial. 

We all remember it. Dinner time, pajamas on, teeth brushed, story time, lullaby time, and finally sleepy time. It worked for us so we know it will work for them, but maybe it could be easier… We’ve collected a list of really useful content from the Curious World app that your kids can play, watch, or read to start enjoying and understanding the evening routine. 

Dinner Time

Dinner Time

Dinner Time - for a lot of families this is the biggest meal of the day, and usually means more green things on the plate too. Families with fussy eaters, we’ve got you. A Rhino Named Paul: Food is Fuel is a catchy song that will teach your kids to appreciate what they're eating and what it does for them.


Pajama Time

Are you ready

Next up is Pajama Time. All that tasty food should have gotten your little one nice and sleepy. So now it's time to get them into their comfy PJs and begin the real bedtime ritual. Show them a positive example with Are You Ready: Getting Ready For Bed, and watch them embrace some independence with this task! 


Teeth Time

Animal Dentist

Time for the fun part! Brushing teeth is not only satisfying to do but healthy too. Make up a little dance while you brush or compete to see whose teeth are whiter after two minutes. If your kid is still not convinced, take a look at Animal Dentist, or Noksu: Brush Your Teeth together. Both will remind them why it’s so important to keep their teeth clean!


Story Time

Moonlight Story Time

Everyone's favorite part of sleepy time is the stories! Oh boy do we have lots of great books in the Curious World app that you guys are guaranteed to love. Jump into the Curious George Book Club or revisit an old favorite with our Classic Tales section. If you prefer to show your child a relaxing video, the short tales in Moonlight Storytime are sure to spark their imagination.  


Lullaby Time

Sweet Tweets

The final hurdle before they close their eyes is Lullaby Time. A calming voice, a smooth melody, a memorable tune. All of these are excellent ways to get those little eyelids heavy and slowly closing. Looking for new song inspiration? Sweet Tweets: Bedtime Lullaby is here for you to enjoy together. Teach your child how lullabies work and come up with your own personal lullaby together. 


Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time

Now we have gotten to the most fascinating part of the sleepy time ritual. A Rhino Named Paul: Everybody Sleeps sums it up best. Show your little ones this video so they can relate to all the bears, dolphins and kittens that need sleep to get their energy. 

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