By Greg Johnson on November 5th, 2019
Urban Tails

Ever wondered what kind of cool animals call your back garden home or roam around your town? Well, wonder no more. In a brand new series on Curious World we find out about the lives of those critters that live in or near cities throughout the world. Learn all about their lives plus some fun animal trivia - this is Urban Tails!

Premiering on Friday, Urban Tails introduces you to the lives of the swans swimming in lakes and the diving dolphins of the oceans of seaside towns. We wanted to introduce you to some of the fresh faces joining the Curious World app this Friday.

Urban Tails Animal Trivia


  • If you come across a group of hedgehogs, they are called “an array” .

  • Gardeners love hedgehogs because they eat all the pests that like to nibble on vegetables.

  • They use special saliva to clean themselves - just like cats!

Animal trivia - hedgehog


  • Dolphins have no sense of smell.

  • A group of dolphins is called a “pod”. A super-pod can consist of over 1,000 dolphins.

  • A dolphin can jump up to 20 feet out of the water. That’s the same height as an adult giraffe. 

animal trivia - dolphin


  • The smallest species of lizard can be only one centimetre long. That’s the width of a marker pen. 

  • The Jesus Christ Lizard, found in Central and South America, can run on water.

  • Lizards have no vocal cords which means we will never know how they sound.

animal trivia lizard


  • When salmon go back to where they were born, they swim the equivalent of a marathon each day.

  • Salmon have been found in fossils dated as much as 7 million years old.

  • Salmon can jump up to two metres into the air! That’s higher than Michael Jordan!

animal trivia salmon

Did you enjoy these cool animals and the facts on our Urban Tails characters? Log in this Friday to find out more about these amazing creatures or visit the app now to enjoy even more educational shows. 

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