By Greg Johnson on August 12th, 2020
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Did you know there are lots of ways for kids to learn with animals and pets? Wild animals have adapted over many years to have some very interesting characteristics and personalities, such as squirrels burying their nuts underground or penguins collecting pebbles. How can you teach your kids fascinating animal facts? Read on to discover fun kids' resources featuring some furry friends.


Learn with animals on a farm

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When we think of farms we think of all the cute animals running through the fields and eating grass or rolling in mud, right? That may well be true, but did you know that those pigs that roll in the mud are actually one of the most hygienic animals on the farm? Find out more about our farm friends with Dave’s Silly Songs: Old Macdonald.


Learn with animals under the sea

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If you think you and your friends are non-stop talkers then you may have some competition. If you dive underwater in the vast ocean, you will meet some very talkative characters, dolphins! They love to be social and always talk to each other, they even like making friends with other animals like us! Check out I’m a Fish: Dolphins to learn even more.


Learn with animals in your town

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Have you been to the park recently? If you have then you may have seen our next guest. They have four legs, two big ears and they can hop all day! That’s right, we’re talking about rabbits. Just like we use our ears to warn us about scary noises, rabbits are able to use theirs to listen out for scary noises too, but theirs are much more effective. Learn a little more by watching Urban Tails: Hip Hop Everywhere.


Learn with animals in your home

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We’ve learned about animals that can look after themselves now, but let’s have a closer look at the ones that need us to help them out. Dogs and cats are loved by many and for lots of families, they are even considered members. Learning how to feed, and care for these kind-hearted and loving creatures is something we need to teach ourselves, but the rewards for doing so are huge. Start to understand more by watching Are You Ready: Feeding Pets


Learn with animals from exotic places

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There are so many animals in the world, but some of them are having a hard time because people keep building on their houses. So some very nice people have decided to make sure that they help by teaching children about those creatures that are struggling. Many animals in zoos are there to be protected and to help educate about preservation. Take a look at some of them in Let’s Go To Work: Zoo Keeper

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