By Greg Johnson on September 30th, 2019
Monkey Animal Trivia

Animal Trivia

Cocoland arrives in Curious World this Friday and we’re just so excited that we can’t hide it. We can’t wait for you to meet our latest furry friends and for you to see the adventures they get up to. 

To get you in the mood for their introduction to the Curious World family, we’ve got some fun unique animal trivia about the critters featured in Cocoland. Read on...



Monkey animal Facts

  • At the end of their tail, monkeys have an area with no hair. It’s like a fingertip; they can use it to test how hot or cold something is, or if it’s safe to use.

  • A monkey was once sent into space! Back on June 14th 1949. One small step for monkey; one giant leap for monkeykind.

  • There's a special island in Japan where the monkeys give deer food so they can ride on their backs. Giddy-up! 



squirrel animal facts

  • Squirrels’ eyes are on the sides of their heads which means they have a 360-degree view of any predators behind them and can scurry away as soon as possible.

  • The United Kingdom used to be home to only red squirrels until a boat from the USA took grey squirrels to their shores. Now they have both! One day a boat from the USA arrived and introduced grey squirrels into the ecosystem. 

  • Squirrels are very unique animals, some squirrels are sneaky and make fake food piles to trick the others in order to protect their real food stash. 



Sloth animal facts

  • Sloths are famous for being slow and a bit clumsy. But we bet you didn’t know they actually move three times as fast in water. 

  • Sloths only go to the toilet once a week.

  • Sloths grow algae and moss on their bodies to help them hide from predators. And you’d think this would make them smell, right? You’d be wrong. Sloths don’t even sweat! 

  • A Sloth is such a unique animal, because its relative was actually alive during the time of the dinosaurs! It was the size of an Elephant. 



Raccoon animal facts

  • Raccoons have night vision! And that black line across their face? It’s not for robbing banks, it protects them from glare.

  • A raccoon loves to handle pretty much anything. That’s because their hands are five times more sensitive than a human’s. Let’s hope they don’t forget to wear oven gloves. That's some great animal trivia to remember and tell your friends about right!



Tapir animal facts

  • Their long nose is used to grab plants and other food that might be out of reach. 

  • A baby Tapir is born camouflaged making them very hard to spot. This is in order to avoid predators, it will only fade when they become adults. 

  • Tapirs are covered with a fine hair that doesn't slow them down when it comes to their favorite hobby - swimming!


Did you enjoy these pieces of unique animal trivia? If you did, then we're sure you'll love Cocoland

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