By Curious World on June 2nd, 2017
A new story video every day in June!

Visit Curious World on YouTube to celebrate Kids Reading Month! We're releasing a new storybook video every day in June. (Look for the playlist called “Fairytales & Fables.") While they may seem stale to us grownups, children enjoy revisiting the familiar plotlines and archetypal characters of fairytales and fables. (And if you take a close look, we might recognize many of these stories and characters in contemporary adult fiction as well!)

These storybook videos are perfect for kids as young as two or as old as six. Just like in the Curious World app, little ones can listen to the story as it is read out loud, while older kids can follow the highlighted text. If your early readers want more books (maybe starring Curious George? or Tacky the Penguin? or sweet little Gossie?), just open the Curious World app to find 350+ ebooks. #ReadAlong


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