By Greg Johnson on April 15th, 2020
Nursery Rhymes

Short rhymes for toddlers have been used for hundreds of years, much to the delight of children. The catchy rhymes and interactivity can be ideal for helping younger children learn important English language skills. 

In this blog, we are going to look into why nursery rhymes have been so important and why they still are. From Humpty Dumpty to Incy Wincy Spider there is an element of education in all of these child-friendly poems. 

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

This short rhyme, at first sight, is a catchy song about a farmer and his animals. The real value of this nursery rhyme to children begins to show when you look closer at what is being said. Each animal that is mentioned is followed by the sound they make. Children can learn more about the differences between animals through these sounds as these offer real-life value. 

Understanding how to pronounce long vowels and short vowels is also solidified in this little rhyme. E, I, and O are all vowel names that are used. Letter naming and sounding is a key skill for young children which is made easier with this farm-based poem. 

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Incy Wincy Spider

Short Rhymes

This creepy-crawly nursery rhyme is well known for the struggles of our little eight-legged friend as it attempts to climb up a water spout. As nursery rhymes go, this one can be considered one of the simpler but no less useful pieces of educational literature. Teaching children the actions of “up” and “down” with fun dance moves helps them to remember their directions. For more insect related fun check out our series I’m A Creepy Crawly.

Ten in a Bed

Ten in a bed

We all know this popular tune. Too many people in one bed, it's a squeeze to begin with, of course, some will fall out. If you want to help your child learn about basic numbers while still having fun, this is an excellent nursery rhyme to use. Counting from 10 all the way down to 1 is simple and they can use fun actions that will help them remember the order. In the Curious World app we have excellent counting songs for preschoolers, just check out our Numbers Collection

The Wheels On The Bus

The Wheels on the bus go round and round

This short rhyme about a bus is so much more than a fun song. Learn about all the different words and understand their actions, meanings, and uses as you sing along to the nursery rhyme. From wipers to wheels, doors, and horns, all these new pieces of vocabulary that your child will need in the future can be taught with mimics, miming, and association. If you’re feeling like a snack, check out Cooking Time, you can learn brand new food words while you make your own virtual sandwich! 

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