By Curious World on February 22nd, 2019

My children love the Curious George books and games. Many a bedtime has been spent tucking in animals, exploring an aquarium, or reading about trips to the beach. While I know my kids are being taught to read, count, and use scientific words, I’ve come to realize they’re also learning something more important - how to live life as a curious person. Here are 5 of the life lessons my kids have picked up from Curious George:

1. Curiosity is contagious

Curious George Life Lessons - at the library

This is one of my favorite Curious George books. When George the monkey visits the library, he gets a little carried away - there are just so many books he wants to take home. Things get a little bit messy until the other kids catch up with him, and they all pick some books to borrow. When I read this story with my 5 year old, I remind her that it’s a good thing to show you’re interested in learning new things - it might even rub off on others!

2. There’s an adventure around every corner

Whether he’s at the beach, the pet shop, or just in his own neighborhood, Curious George is always looking to discover something new. Now, my kids don’t just ask me 73 questions a day - they want us to go and find answers together.

3. Be grateful for others

Curious George Life Lessons - George hands out thank you cards

The Curious George characters are great at remembering to say thank you. There’s even a lovely story about thank-you cards where Curious George delivers notes to all the people who help him or make him happy. This inspired some card-making in my own home, and really got my kids thinking about the people they are grateful for.

4. Curiosity can be messy

Curious George Life Lessons - in the kitchen

This lesson might be more for me. I don’t think my kids needed any help figuring this one out! There are few Curious George books that don’t involve a mess. That’s because a lot of learning is done through experimenting, and asking those important “what happens if…” questions. I’ve learned to let go a little bit when playing, cooking or crafting with my kids. Sure, there have been some muddy shirts and many watercolors mixed together. But it’s a small price to pay for the joy on my children’s faces when they discover something new all by themselves.

5. Life is a party

Curious George Life Lessons - animal dance party

Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat celebrate every success, even when mistakes were made along the way. We’ve made it a habit in our house to celebrate every little win, whether big or small. The end of potty training for my youngest? My daughter learning to ride a scooter? A new recipe learned? You name it - any success is worthy of a celebratory trip to the park or a living room dance party!

What have your kids learned from Curious George?


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