By Greg Johnson on October 7th, 2019
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Amazing Memory Training Techniques

It’s National Train Your Brain Week. And what better way to celebrate than firing up Curious World and checking out some of our best Brain Game content that will help your memory training be as effective as possible. 

It can be hard for children to remember everything they’ve learned over the course of a day. At such an early age, it’s often the case that their brains are still developing and learning how to absorb all the information they are being shown. This is typical in cognitive development in infants. Playing memory training games can help make their growing minds more absorbent and better equipped for squeezing in every number and letter. 

Curious World has some great memory training games to assist your children in their learning journey. The best part is that they’re so fun, your child will hardly realize the games are making their mind spongier by the second. 

Curious World’s Brain Game Collection contains great games such as Memory Match and Bug Cards. These brain exercises help develop and strengthen the connection from short term memory to long term memory. 


Memory Match

Memory training blog

One of the best brain exercises, Memory Match, is a memory training game centered on trying to remember what’s under all the cards in order to find the pair out of all the others. By really pushing the limits of their memory combined with their focus means over time, they will be able to recall cards for a longer period making the game less challenging with each play. This game-based skill is an unrealized real-life skill, giving your child a level up in their efforts to recall information for longer in a classroom situation.  

Dots and Boxes

Memory training

Dots and Boxes is a completely different type of challenge. Children can play alone or parents can play alongside them in a two-player version; just go easy on them. Dots and Boxes is just like the name, you need to connect the dots in order to make a square whilst trying to stop the other player from creating their own boxes. It sounds easy until you realize the other player can use the lines you created before to make their own boxes! This brain exercise is key in cognitive development in infants, as it is a challenge they will have likely never come across before. 

Did you know this game is a great way to practice practical problem-solving skills such as how to find alternative solutions to issues and how to succeed under pressure?

If you found this useful then we’re sure you’ll love Buzz Bee Buzz, Space maze and the thirty other brain exercises and memory training games in the Brain Games collection! Give your child the educational head start they deserve and log into the Curious World app this week!

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